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A Video I Made

A buddie of mine (called Elvo) and I decided to make a video based on a character he created. I know that laughter is the best medicine so I decided to share the video with you in the hopes that it will bring a smile to your face.


Outsourcing Wombs and Websites.

This week on Oprah she had an show on people who decided to outsource wombs because they were not able to give birth to kids. I for one think that such a thing as this was inevitable given that we are becoming a global village, and that everybody now can just about outsource just about anything to any country.

So, what’s outsourcing anyway? My friend Webster defines it as; to procure (as some goods or services needed by a business or organization) under contract with an outside supplier

Before I say what I really think of this outsourcing womb business, I wanted to give you the reader, full disclosure:

I am in the process of having a website made through outsourcing that will enable people to pick out images of things in nature that look like letters, and put them together to form a word. Below is an example:


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Burn All The Boats!

Hernando Cortés is an name that illicits a lot of anger among some people. But in my book he is a man whom we all need to learn from. In 1519, Cortés left the island of Cuba in search of Gold and Riches. Many had gone before him with similar dreams and had not succeeded, but Cortés was determined to go back to Cuba rich.

When Hernando Cortés landed on the South American coast he ordered his men to burn all the boats they had used to sail there from Cuba. Cortés eye was on the wealth of the Aztecs and nothing was going to stop him. After the boats were burnt there was no looking back. In the end, he attained his goal.

What is it that you want to be.

What thing have you wanted to accomplish?

What are you willing to do to make your dream’s come true?

Are you willing to look into your life and decide to take that daring step to burn your boat so that you will have no choice but to attain your goal?

As a child I remember that whenever I got home from school at the end of my school year, I would hand my report form to my father who would always glance at it and say, “Son, there is always room for improvement.”

I urge you to step back, and look at what you have or have not achieved then realize that there is always room for improvement.

TKK Toa Kitu Kikubwa

Corruption is arguably in the DNA of the Kenyan cultural fabric. The term TKK was coined as an acronym for bribery and corruption. It is my belief that erasing bribery will help in healing a nation whose values are quickly eroding.

The cry to stop corruption is not exclusive to the youth, even the old feel this way.

I must confess that I do not have a plan in place to stop this disease but I do know that the ending of corruption can begin if YOU decide to become intolerant of it.

Genge.Wear’s Top 5 romantic genge songs.

NAMELESS – SINZIA. I think that it is a cheezy video, with cheezy words but many chicks would beg to differ, so here is Nameless singing the song sinzia.

HAKUNA MATATA – SWAHILI NATION Before akina Nonini coined the name genge, there was Swahili Nation. This song by SN was hot then and is still hot even now.

NALIA KWA FURAHA – BUSHOKE FT K-LYNN Apart from the sweet voices and obvious supuu singers this song just couldn’t be lengwad.

NAKUPENDA by MERCY MYRA I got into a debate with a buddy, she asked me, “Do you think she can sing?” My answer to that was, “It’s Mercy Myra! I don’t care if she can’t sing! She’s like the first lady of genge!

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New Genge Wear!

I am really excited about the new shirts I have out in my online store

The tee below is made up of images that spell the word “Kenya.” It is pretty looking and is guaranteed to make people look at it more than twice.

The second shirt is called “Uta Do?” Uta Do? Is a combination of a Swahili and an English word. It is a taunt means “whatchu gonna do?”

All these exciting designs are available at my Store. Check them out!

3 Common Mistakes Made When Taking Pictures.

The other day, a friend showed me a picture she took of her daughter. I looked at it and responded in the most politically correct way, I said, “Awwwww!” What I really was thinking was, “You call that a picture? My 99 year old legally blind grandma takes better pictures.”

What makes a good image? Well I will tell you what makes a bad image.

From a distance
Some of us are afraid to move closer to the people we are taking pictures of. The truth is that most people who want their pictures taken don’t bite. I would understand if you are taking pictures of a person who hasn’t showered for a decade or even one who’s breath stinks but if that is not the case, get closer to the subject!

Long distance shots are uninteresting and include elements that are a distraction. Take for instance this image. There is a crate, cars and a generator in the image. Are they all necessary? I don’t think so.

Chopping heads off
I don’t know how many times I have seen this kind of picture. When I do, usually think, either the photographer had the dog take the pictures, or they were not taking the time to look into the view finder.

Cutting heads and bodies off should be considered a crime and the ones who do it should do some time. I’m just joking. But seriously, don’t decapitate the people you are taking pictures of.

Dark dudes and dudettes.

Never, and I repeat, never take a picture when the sun is at the back of the person you are taking the pictures of. The result is almost always a silhouette. Always have the people you are taking pics of turn so that the sun hits their face. Though black is beautiful, too much black will make the only thing recognizable in the picture is the persons dental formula (teeth).

A good image is…
relative. What I mean, is that it is in the eyes of the beholder. I personally think that the image below is good.

Some other person may look at it and say, “You call that a picture? My 99 year old legally blind chimpanzee takes better pictures!”

Anyway, my hope is that you found this blog informative. For more info about my work check out my photo blog at http://vividpics.aminus3.com/ , my STORE, as well as my other blog http://ragskanyi.wordpress.com/