Last Week in Genge: Video Uploads.

Music has a way of feeding as well as draining the soul. Through this medium we neo-Kenyans have managed to express our feelings using all sorts of musical genre’s.

Missing My Baby by Amani

It is said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery so Dallas based Kenyan artist QStick decided to do a remix to Nonini’s hit “Si Lazima.”

QStick’s remix is titled “Ni Lazima.” I am all for supporting upcoming artists. So listen to this video coz for some reason QStick was not able to post the video aspect of it.

Ni Lazima by QStick Baala.

On the social commentary side of genge music, the artist Jimw@t raps about corruption in the Kenyan police force and society as a whole. The title of the rap defiantly states that he will not bribe.

Sitoi Kitu Kidogo by Jim@t.

Necessary Noize is a genge group that fuses R&B, Afro-Beats and Reggae with thoughtful songs and poetic sounding raps. They alone deserve a whole blog post but for now enjoy this love song called “Forever.”

Forever by Necessary Noize

It must be said from the get go that Juacali is rap royalty and he has a cultist following in some areas in kenya. His rap style seems free and effortless, more like he is talking while a track is playing in the background.

Kwaheri by Juacali feat. Sana


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