This Week in Genge: Video Hits.

Thank you for dropping by. This blog is your one stop for the latest in genge music on the internetosphere.

Curious” by Bamboo

This Kenyan based artist and star of the film “Hip Hop Colony” has produced this catchy video. I am very impressed by his ingenuity and creativity. He has been able to make low budget music videos with high quality soundtracks. The R&B singer’s voice in this video somehow reminded me of the R&B artist Joe. Ama it’s just me?

I miss you” by Sammy Lee Kalio, TraceMo and Kambua.
Sometimes a video comes my way and reminds me that we the “genge generation” have a conscience and a heart. This video was made in response to the the passing away of a loved one. Sammy Lee Kalio, TraceMo and Kambua remind us that life is short and that we can use whatever talents to positively change, educate and influence others.

Nataka TupendanePrezzo feat. Kaz
What can I say about this song? It really speaks for itself. Like most “bling bling” gangsta rappers, Prezzo never minces his words nor does he speak in parables. He always gets to the point.

Sweet Love” by Wahu
I personally feel that this love song holds more weight than the one above. Listen and enjoy!


2 responses to “This Week in Genge: Video Hits.

  1. Nope dude doesnt look like joe, it’s just you.
    The Prezzo song is generic but rather good. the Wahu video is good too, at least she did a video in good time now if only we can ever get an album out of her.

  2. @ acolyte: Pole, what i meant to sema was that his voice reminded me of joe. I have gone back and fixed my mistake. Thanks for your comment!

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