Stop Ngethiaring And Just do it!

We all have things we are really good at.

Some, unlike me are mathematically inclined. Others are good singers, writers, thinkers, and the list goes on. A few years ago, I took a photography class at a local community college. At the time I did not even know how to load a film camera. Today, I’m a part time photographer and clothing designer.

Some of you are thinking to yourselves “Good for you GengeWear, me myself I can’t do jack, coz I’m bila talent!”

Thats absolutely not true, it’s just plain rubbish and here is how I can prove it. Walk into a nursery school and ask the little kids “Who here can draw?” I can almost guarantee you that they will all claim that they can. We too were like that, but now we claim not to have any skill or talent. Why is this so?

The other day I decided to get a website to showcase my photography. I did so not because I wanted to brag about it in this blog, but because I realized that I could use what I do best to better the lives of the people around me.

What is it that you are good at? Can you cook tea? Can you crack jokes? Can you draw? Are you good with money? Can you fix peoples hair? All these and more are things you can do to improve the quality of life of the people around you.

So what are you waiting for? You got the talent, stop ngethiaring (slacking) and just use it!


3 responses to “Stop Ngethiaring And Just do it!

  1. Sing it, brother! And never lose that ‘can do’ attitude.

  2. I have only been to Kenya twice, both visits for at least a month, and neither visit was to see animals – not that I wouldn’t like to go on safari.
    I met people, lots of people, young, old, kids.
    They all have talent, especially the kids. Every kid I met wanted to learn. They want to go to school. This is so refreshing to me. Wher eI come from,the majority of kids fight every day not to go to school.
    All I can say is, Kenyans, just keep doing it. You are all talented.

  3. That is so true. Each of us has something that we are good at, and there are books , libraries and other talented people to guide us to higher heights of achievement.

    Kenyans are talented people, your post is quite encouraging. Thank you.

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