Rich Single Educated Kenyan Women.

I am beginning to notice a phenomenon that really was not present during the time our parents were our age. During those days women in their late 20’s or early 30’s were either married with 20 or 30 kids, and let their husbands bring in the pesa.

Now things have changed. In America, I have noticed that the number of older single Kenyan women has increased in number. Being the guy that I am, I decided to do some research, on why this is so. Mind you that this is not scientific research. My “research” simply went like this, “Heh Njambi, ati you’re 30 and haujaolewa? Kwani wassup!”

A few slaps later, and after my cheeks has cooled down, she reveals to me the following:

  • Kenyan guys are like kids, all they want to do is play around and not commit to a relationship.
  • They seem intimidated by my associates degree.
  • They think I will not be a good wife coz I can articulate how I really feel.
  • I have a good job and they are scared coz I am not financially needy enough.
  • My biological clock is ticking and I need to marry a good guy.

So, here is my plea, somebody please enlighten me why this is so. Are we Kenyan guys intimidated by rich single educated Kenyan women?

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5 responses to “Rich Single Educated Kenyan Women.

  1. hala, and the way I was looking forward to reading the comments. Okay, will pop round l8er.

  2. lol@ 3tc

    i dont think its just kenyan men, tis men in general..they beez big babies n wat not.

    But i do know of men who are strong enough to take u as is n vice versa, things work out.

  3. I think we all just need to communicate not only more but better….

  4. Don’t let them off the hook that easy, man. Intimidated? Tip of the iceberg! My observation has been that the typical Kenyan boy is a major player/waster–he goes window shopping when he doesn’t have the means to buy the goods. What a waste of time all round! But then maybe I just happened to encounter the bad boys… 🙂

  5. Your research is absolutely true. Example of my self: I am well educated and hold a steady job. When i tell a guy, what i do it’s like they get intimidated. there cowardice amazes me. Can a guy explain this phenomenon further, cause honestly i cannot comprehend.

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