Genge.Wear’s Top 5 romantic genge songs.

NAMELESS – SINZIA. I think that it is a cheezy video, with cheezy words but many chicks would beg to differ, so here is Nameless singing the song sinzia.

HAKUNA MATATA – SWAHILI NATION Before akina Nonini coined the name genge, there was Swahili Nation. This song by SN was hot then and is still hot even now.

NALIA KWA FURAHA – BUSHOKE FT K-LYNN Apart from the sweet voices and obvious supuu singers this song just couldn’t be lengwad.

NAKUPENDA by MERCY MYRA I got into a debate with a buddy, she asked me, “Do you think she can sing?” My answer to that was, “It’s Mercy Myra! I don’t care if she can’t sing! She’s like the first lady of genge!

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