The “S” word.

“Where did we go wrong?” I asked myself when I received a text message that a friend had put an end to his own life.

If this deed was the only one done within my circle of friends, then I’d have had a different reaction, but the reality is that in total, 2 of my friends have moved on from this world through committing s.

As I blog, I refuse to use the “S” word because it’s so hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that this friend is gone. I mean, it can’t be true. It just can’t be true! So…

Many questions run through my mind when I think of him, among them:
“Was life so hard that you had to go?”
“With so many people around, why didn’t you say something?”
“Did we ignore you when you tried to say something?”
“What were you thinking!”

So, ok, we all know that maisha ni ngumu huku America (life is hard). We all know how easy it is to be lonely even in the midst of a crowd. We all know that everyone has problems of their own….but man, there is no use in suffering in silence!

We men (especially) have got to put our ego or whatever you wanna call it aside, and just talk, vent, pour out out heart, and maybe even cry!

I don’t know why my friend decided to make an early exit, but I do know that if we jamaaz don’t reach out, watch out, and hang out with each other then I’m afraid we will loose more men to “S”.


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