ikenyan youth.

While I normally rant and rave about Genge and Kapuka, I felt the need to bring to light a fact that I feel is so evident yet ignored by most of the older Kenyan generation. So what is this fact? Well the fact is I am an ikenyan youth.

This means that among other things;
I have an email address.
I’d rather read a blog than a book.
I have a website.
I am actually in touch with my peers in kenya and around the world through social networking tools like facebook, youtube, myspace…and the list goes on.
I am not as dumb as I look.

Understanding this new medium called the Internet is a way in which the older generation can use to bridge the gap between their generation and my igeneration.

  • Back in the day the youth used to sit at the heels of the old and listen to them tell stories that taught moral lessons. Today that same person can use the simple precess of going on youtube, opening a channel and tell the same stories via video camera and in so doing reach countless Kenyan youth worldwide.
  • Do not misinterpret our lack of asking “tell us about the good old days” as a lack of interest in our history. Many of us have shed our Christian names for our tribal names e.g from Scholastica to Akumu, from Johnston to Kimani.
  • We now listen to Kenyan musicians who sing and rap in English and swahili. Before you roll your eyes and click your tongue, remember that though our genge, kapuka and bongo music is African American influenced in the same way your beloved “Helule Helule”, and “Angelike Twist” was influenced by the African Americans of your era.


4 responses to “ikenyan youth.

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  2. Right on point. Big up to all iKenyans.

  3. kenyanobserver

    I’m an old kenyan and I have a website. I blog.I use YouTube for product demos. I have an email address. I use social networks for my profession, hobby (gadgets, photography, video) and to network with people who are doing what I want to do when I grow up. I love Boomba Clan and George Benson to death so I wonder what that makes me. 🙂

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