Genge Revolution.

With every revolution there at times is a counter revolution.

The Genge music genre has boasted a large following both in Kenya and Abroad. Before the rise of genge/kapuka, the Kenyan youth seemed so hypnotized by African-American hip hop but eventually they began to adopt the Hip Hop genre to share their world view on their own terms.

Now there is a slow revolution within Genge circles. These revolutionaries as well as artists are tired of listening to the same beat, same track and same bling bling talk. The new revolutionaries are more socially conscious, thoughtful, creative and eloquent.

“Lalalala” by Manjeru is a good example of a revolutionary love song that is so sweet, and creative. This song lacks the trademark misogyny and and bragging that some artists are well known for.

I am absolutely into STL’s style. Stella Mwangi (STL) has managed to rise above the throng. One of these days, I am going to dedicate a whole entry to talking about her music and talent. Her music speaks for itself.

So what is the future of genge and kapuka? I wish I knew. What I know is that redundancy could plague these two genres resulting in people loosing interest and going back to American Hip Hop.


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