Indiginas & STL

Many of us have had the sad and unfortunate experience of trying to make a good impression on a lady or guy we have just meet. The Kenyan genge artist Indiginas articulates this frustration in his hilarious video called Binti.

I must say that occasionally, I love it when an artist is not afraid to be honest and funny at the same time. Believe me, this is no easy task. Indiginas even does not hesitate to jump in front of the camera and act out being lengwad (ignored) by a girl at a bar. I highly recommend this video if all you want to do is reminisce and just laugh.

Chances are you can relate.

The sleek lyricist/artist, STL (Stella Mwangi) on the other hand has a thoughtful video called “Makelele” which is a thoughtful and touching video that forces us to step back and reflect on the state of the Jamhuri ya Kenya.

I am amazed by her range and creativity. My suspicion is that the video is in response to the violence in Kenya that was ignited by flat out utotology, tribalism and hate.

Maze, I know that this was a mouthful. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.

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One response to “Indiginas & STL

  1. Both songs were refreshing! Indiginas cracked me up and enyewe Miss Stella Mwangi is clearly a pro.

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