genge wear: dare 2 dream

Dear friend,

What is your dream? Have you ever had a secret dream? What are you doing to make your dream come true?

My secret dream was to start a clothing line called “genge.wear”

What is genge? I am so glad you asked!

Genge is a musical genre from east Africa that incorporates hip- hop, reggae, dancehall, and local musical genres to create an afro-centric hypnotic beat. The music is sang in English, Sheng (slang), Swahili and other tribal languages.

The word genge has many meanings some of which are group, and rebel. Genge music is a vehicle that the East African youth have used to express their hopes, dreams, thoughts and frustrations.

Is genge.wear the beginning of a revolution? I hope so. My encouragement to you is; Dare 2 Dream!



Enjoy this genge video

– rags


2 responses to “genge wear: dare 2 dream

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  2. Thanks for the education. I love international music when I get the chance to learn more about it.

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